Nutrition Month

This is a late post but yesterday (July 29), I turned 1 year old as a Herbalifer! ๐ŸŒฑ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ™Œ A year ago, I was this fat looking stressed-out lady but now, strangers sometimes mistake me for a student. Yay! ๐Ÿ’ช It’s not about being sickly thin but it’s all about being fit and making a healthy lifestyle a habit. A year ago, I can’t even finish a 1 km jog but now, I’m being brave practicing for my 2nd 10k marathon. I’ve earned 3 placer medals for some 5k runs I joined and 1 freebie medal in my first 10k run last June. I’ve also met new friends who have the same enthusiasm with being healthy. It’s fun! It’s the Herbalife community that I like the most because they always inspire and motivate you. So here’s to more runs and years with #HerbalifeNutrition. ๐Ÿ˜˜

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May 2017 Notes

*unfiltered photos. photo collages from latest to oldest. hihihi. ๐Ÿ™‚

May 14 – We celebrated Mother’s day at Kave Restaurant, our favorite buffet restaurant in Cagayan de Oro City. Earlier this week, my siblings and I planned everything out. We asked financial contributions from our sisters who are living in other places for the bouquet (Lo and behold, the bouquet was worth a thousand pesos! Huhuhu). There was supposedly a cake but we trashed the idea since there will be lots of sweets in the buffet. Practical sisters are so alike. Hahaha! My sister K (If you’re confused, I’m referring to the one who’s still living with us) reserved a table lastย Friday for the Sunday lunch and she also ordered a bouquet to be picked up on a Sunday. So sister K instructed me to pick it up after the run to be left at the reserved table. So I did despite my body is aching and I was sweating like crazy then I went home to prepare. Fast forward, we arrived at Kave and had a big lunch. Lol. The Luxe staff gave out free cakes to all Mommas. I think Mom was so happy that she insisted to take pictures. (As seen above.) ย To all mothers, Inatays, and mothers-at-heart, happy Mothers’ day! โค

Still May 14 – Earlier, I joined and ran for the event, “Run for Justice: Doc Drey and Doc Jaja”. (In case that you do not know, the late doctors were volunteer doctors who were shot dead in the countryside.) I was registered under NMMC. One thing I like when there’s health or medical-related fun runs or anything is that NMMC shoulders your registrations. That’s why I join as much as possible. Hihihi! I was a bit sad because there were only a few runners like it’s only an exclusive run. I was expecting more because medical and nursing societies sponsored the said event. Anyway, I ran because I like to run. Hahahaha! Despite the non-stop 15-17 running laps at the Sports Center Oval, I still have my breathing and walking moments during the actual run and it is because 1.) I ate a lot the night before, 2.) my run practices was put into hold because of the rainy days, 3.) the playlist I chose played the wrong upbeat songs (I am a music-dependent runner. When there’s a good song, I sprint. When I don’t like the song, just a chill jog) ย and 4.) I am not used of the road because my feet got familiar with the oval feels. Although it’s nice to run when you are also sight-seeing. Fast forward, I won third place in the 5k division. Although a runner friend of mine wished I could have sprinted to 2nd place, I just did not care because I realized my body was not in the right condition even to sprint. Lol. This June, I’ll be joining the #RunRio:FreedomRun2017 under 10k. It’ll be my first but I won’t be totally competing to garner a place. I just want to experience what it feels like to run in a 10k. And the jersey and the after-run medal are so nice. (It should because the registration is expensive. Huhuhu) I am inviting and encouraging everyone to join the said run whether you’ll join under 3k, 5k, 10k or 21k. See you!

May 13 – The heavy dinner I talked about earlier. Italian food with wine is the best! I’ve always been a fan of Italian pasta, not the Filipino style where the pasta tastes sweet. This small cafe deserves a thumbs up! Visit J2J at corner Velez-Hayes Street, Cagayan de Oro City.

May 11 – The calm before the storm. My boyfriend and his team was one of the organizers of the blessing of the newest mall in our town, the SM Downtown Premier. So I got a blogger pass. Hahaha! Yes I’m a blogger but not THAT kind of blogger. Lol. Everyone are wearing formal and trendy clothes and I was only in my DOH shirt and pants get-up. Lol. Anyway, all shops are still on a discount and I almost bought everything I like if not for my elementary best friend. (She got a pass from the bank she’s connected with) Miniso is so far my favorite store in the new mall because I am cute and I like cute stuff. Hahahaha! The rest are ok, I am not that attracted at all. I also saw a close friend of mine from college, she’s working under the organizers handling the F21 event. She gave me a GC of 21% F21 discount only valid on that day but I gave the GC to my best friend’s friend because I am not attracted to F21. Sorry guys, I am not just the girly type unless they sell sporty get-ups in which when I surveyed F21, there’s zilch. How sad. I think I’ll be window-shopping again in the new SM mall in a month or two when everyone’s not too crazy about it and causing eye-rolling hot traffic.

May 6 – I joined my boyfriend’s organizing team. (Sideline!!!) The event was SM Little Stars 2017 which was conducted at SM Uptown. They were a lot of cute kids! They all deserve to win but the ones who won are indeed celebrity material. It’s also obvious that they are already too exposed with the basics of showbiz. Lol. The event was a success and it was so smooth-flowing unlike the SM Halloween 2016 event where all the mothers just want to rip your soul apart. (Stage mothers. Bah.) Anyway, we are excited to organize and conduct events in the new SM mall. Weeeee! I am definitely looking forward to it. *winks


Hello! I apologize for being inactive in the blogging world lately. #Adulting

Anyway, I am doing fine and it’s a very hot summer here in my hometown. Somehow, my skin’s toasted even though I do not go out that much because of this heat. I just don’t put sunblock or I forget to use an umbrella whenever I go out. ๐ŸŒž

So April 2017 for me was a very busy month. ๐Ÿค“ For starters, the hospital where I work just hosted the very first DOH OFIM Hospital Chiefs’ Meeting. In less than a month, we prepared and stressed out in coming up this big event into a reality. Leis, venue, food, van rentals, hotel rooms, kits, pasalubong, decors, programmes, customized flash disks and etc.—you name it! Although I am used to this kind of stuff,(I am assigned at the training office) it is challenging when there’s the regional DOH and central DOH to pressure us. So yeah, we are glad that the event was a success. (Albeit, the early call times, going home late every single night, lack of sleep and toxic VIP guests are so dragging on our part) ๐Ÿ˜ด

Then came holy week where my family and I spent it at Cebu City. We rented a spacious residential condo unit near Ayala via AirBnb. During the vacation, we celebrated my nephew’s birthday, joined Visita Iglesia and Stations of the Cross, ate a lot (goodbye for a moment, diet), spent some quality time with the relatives and went laser tagging, cafe sight-seeing, and wine dining with the cousins. We are supposed to travel down south of Cebu to see some sights but it was also the time where typhoon #Crising hit the PH. It poured hard over that weekend. Hence, cancelled to the dismay of my cousins. Hahahaha! ๐Ÿ˜‚

Lastly, the AHA BLS, ACLS, and PALS trainings. By this time, I am still hungover with the Cebu trip and at the same time, I am already at the end of my wits of the demands of these trainings. Thank God it ended last Friday. I was a runner from hospital to the venue or vice versa, everything went by with a blur. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

So here ends my post. I am itching to go back in dieting and exercising after a three week fitness hiatus. Gonna run along, guys! ๐Ÿ˜˜



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Hello from the rainy evening Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines! I am about to shareย about my journey to fitness.

I already shared in previous blog post that I’ve entered a nutrition club wherein I go through a diet program. (80% nutrition and 20% exercise) Last July 29, I weighed 147 pounds with a metabolic age of 40 and the water percentage inside my body is beloooooow normal. Even more alarming is that my fat percentage was bad, almost obese. It’s true that it’s difficult to convince someone to lose some pounds if the person is not willing to change but in my case, after learning these facts then I decided to go through hell and lots of water and sweat. My road to fitness wasn’t at all easy. It is also true that during these durations (and still ongoing as of this time), some people just do not understand why I am doing this.

And to clear some misconceptions, I am telling you that:

*I am trying to obtain my ideal weight based on my age and height. I am not losing weight just to look like a sick model. Once I reach my ideal weight, I will stop losing weight and maintain it. Do I look like those bulimic models now? No. Because I am exercising and eating right, thank you very much.

*I am certainly not skipping meals just to immediately shed some fats. I eat 3 meals a day. I just don’t eat more like I used to. I just avoid sweets and fatty, meaty, oily foods. I lessen my rice from 1 cup to 1/2 cup. As much as possible, I avoid sideline snacks. More greens, fibers, and proteins. It’s important to lose fats than to lose muscles. Some people, if not well-informed, keeps on losing their muscles than their fats.

*I am losing weight because I want to be fit and I plan and aim to be fit for the rest of my life. This is my long-term dedication. I do have some short term goals:ย ย 1.)To look good and slim, 2.)So that I can wear pretty clothes again, and 3.)To stick my tongue out to people who insensitively tormented me with their “fat” or “you can’t do it” jokes and statements. I am pretty serious this time. So yeaaaah. Bleh!


Believe me, I am not trying to do this alone. I want to help other people, too. Unfortunately like I said earlier, it’s difficult to inspire people who aren’t willing to change their unhealthy habits. I am not convincing anyone but whenever someone ask about my secret, I would tell them my story and their like, “Oh really?” So yes, walay pugsanay kung dili jud.

There you have it! On a lighter side, the slideshow above shows photos respectively:

1.) My friend, Ruby and I joined the Color Me Run last September 2016. It was a whole lotta fun! Everyone was indeed bursting with colors. (Literally and in not-so-literal terms)

2.) As an employee of one of the sponsors, I got a free registration on the Pink Run 2016. Despite that I was in my last remnants of recovering from my flu and tonsilitis, I unbelievably placed 9th in the 5k run. That was indeed a first in my whole running-just-for-fun career.

3.) (Unrelated to the fitness matters) Last October 18, I traveled to Manila to attend a training on the APMC E-NIPS wherein unlike before, incoming interns manually apply to be matched in hospitals for post-graduate internship. Starting next year, everything will be applied, monitored, and matched ONLINE. It’s really convenient but I worry if there’s program bugs and stuff. We’ll just hope for the best.

4.) Selfie taken last Sunday (Oct 16). Let this inspire you that as of that time, my current weight was 129 lbs, water % was a bit above normal, and metabolic age was 26. A few more pounds to lose and tadaaah! Ideal weight. ๐Ÿ™‚

Photo credits: Aye Navarro (Pink Run photo) and Ruby Petallo (Color Me Run Photo)

Good vibes

Hi! I’m back! I haven’t blog much but for now, I am back.

I’ve been changing my lifestyle lately and I felt positively energized and active. I am loving every second of it. I hope these new “habits” will continue for a long time. I hope my regained drive or attitude or whatsoever will not lose its passion. Hahahaha.


First and foremost, I’ve been taking care of succulents specifically cactuses. If I didn’tย talked myself out, I would have bought a garden of cactuses. So I bought two which I keep in my room on most days and they get their much deserved water and sunlight on weekends. Yes, they are low maintenance plants but I still have to keep a close eye when it comes to the tender, love, and care of these succulents. They have a specific number of sunlight hours only and right amount of water as adviced from the vendor and I religiously follow them. Right now, one of my succulents keeps on giving birth and the other one is very moody although it’s thorns are growing BUT I AM WAITING FOR ITS FLOWER. Hahahahaha!

Second, I’ve been meeting my good old friends lately. Since I started working, I haven’t got the time or energy to meet them. Honestly, I HAD this thinking (before) that I do not need them anymore (Yes, I was stupid.) but that changed when one of my friends invited me to her baby’s birthday. I wasย reunited (well, we didn’t had a fight FYI)ย with my thesismates and it all just came back—the laughter, the “nonsense and/or with sense” conversations, and etc. I realized I miss them and our get-togethers we used to have way back in college. Now, we promised to meet every Tuesday and Thursday to exercise and on every 30th or 31st day of the month, we would go out and eat dinner together. We are also planning to go to places (Bohol? Surigao? Camiguin? Iligan?) together as a group. I just hope we’ll stick to the plans. Hahahaha!

Speaking of friends, I’ve been missing a lot of friends lately specifically that friend who went to Med School in another city. (If you’ll ever read this, Hi, N!) I thought of her yesterday and that prompted me to text our other best friend, R (who’s still in CDO) and invite her to go to the carnival. Luckily, she said yes since she’s not on duty and off we went! Then today, My boyfriend, R and I searched some Pokemon, attended the anticipated mass and ate dinner together. I also invited R in a nutrition club.

In relation to the nutrition club, I’ve been on a diet and I’m also exercising like crazy. I have to lose all these bad fats inside my bodeeeeh! So I joined a nutrition club to help me change my lifestyle when it comes to food and exercise. I’ve been on a “chicken or fish AND 1 or 1/2 cup of rice/veggies” diet ever since. I also take time in counting the calories of food before I eat them. I said no to in-between snacks, meat, softdrinks, and juices and boy, it was difficult! But then again, it was all for my health’s sake. I’m drowning myself in 2-4 liters of water everyday. Yes, just plain water. I jog, play badminton on TTHSatSun and do squats, push-ups, curl ups, and “just-dance” on MWF for at least 30 minutes. People say I am trimming down the extra pounds but I still have a few pounds to lose so that I can reach the ideal weight that is appropriate to my age and height. I am still enjoying and continuing my program in the nutrition club and right now, we are currently in a middle of a fat-loss challenge. I was challenged indeed. In the latest weigh-in, I ranked 3rd out of the 17 who joined. The contest ends on September 7 and I plan to place 2nd. (It’s difficult to beat the current 1st. She’s losing weight even without exercise but her diet was damn good.) Lol.

I think that’s all for now. Positive vibes all the way!



Yin and Yang

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When there’s beauty in black eye bags, cracked dried lips, and messy hair.

I might not be the person as I was used to.

Six years ago, I was a college freshmen. As one of the smart nerds in our batch, I aimed to graduate in honors because of my good grades. I was infatuated to someone a year younger than me. I was happy in the company of high school batchmates who were also studying in the same university and at the same time, glad that I have old friends whom I love to meet and chat everytime our free time permits. I was happy in a company of a small group of college friends whom I can be weird with. I had books, anime, manga, sketch pads, color pencils, and notebooks to look forward in my free time. My life was frozen with the fixed colors of red and blue.

Four years ago, I was a college junior. I was still young. I broke my own heart with the things I chose to be blind with. I made a few wrong choices but I succeeded in nursing my good old pride back to its feet but even then, there were some things that still hurt me. I slowly lose interest in some hobbies. Even so, no matter how badly I felt or thought, I wouldn’t let it go through me because people do not deserve to be hassled with my own demons. I was a strong and independent woman.

Two years ago, I was a struggling average employee confused on what path to take for my future’s sake. I was young and tired. I tried to be optimistic with the things given to me but life just test you with some real shit. I realized no matter how good you were doing or how good you treat people, they give you an opposite effect. I was lost. I was depending my life on suffocating things. I was becoming weak. I belittled my own self.

As the paragraphs progresses, the words decreases. I might not be the person who I was used to be right now but believe me, I am who I am. I am the product of the ever-aging me. Changing is a constant process and I just can’t stop myself. Even when I am changing, there are some parts of me that still remains. Along the way, I made mishaps and a few wrong turns but in the end, they still turn out best for me to reflect, realize, and adjust.

Five years ago, a college sophomore nerd like me went to sleepovers to almost every school project. A nerd like me went to secret lakwatsas with weird friends during free time. A nerd like me had LOOOONG silent treatments and arguments with friends. I was getting out from my shell of constants. I changed routines. A nerd like me cried over a young boy then immediately “dated” some idiot and then broke my heart which then prompted me to cry angrily for being stupid again. Then as stupid as ever, rebooted my feelings over the young boy AGAIN. Life was then vividly painted in strong rainbow colors at some point, the different shades of grey rained in some days.

Three years ago and fighting the fires of my “strong and independent aura/don’t care style”, I confessed to the young boy through an anonymous birthday surprise and letter because I thought it was my last chance for being stupid but even then, I was scared and refused to come out in the open in that risky confession. I trusted others because I could not trust my judgmentย sometimes. I listened to ideas and opinions in order to create a good game plan. I tried out new interests in replacement to the old ones. I fought my demons slowly instead of suppressing them inside me. I slowly became the worst type of good.

A year ago, I got hired to a government agency on which I can see myself grow in career. I sometimes feel drained but I met someone who constantly woke me up from reality—That life is not machinery factory of work, work, work and shit, shit, shit. It’s still a life of full of sugar, spice, and everything nice.

No matter how people treat me like I am a changed animal right now, I am still me. It’s just that, I am constantly trying out my hidden potentials as I become more and more exposed with the crazy race. Maybe “change” is a limiting word. I just grew up little by little each passing day.